emily isobel harrison

emily isobel harrison

emily isobel harrison

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Emily Isobel Harrison Born in Wood Green, London, England on Apr 1876 to Ralph Augustus Harrison and Jessie Elizabeth Davis. Emily Isobel Harrison married Gustavus Theodore Von Holst and had 1 child. She passed away on 16 Apr 1969 in Stow Lodge, Stowmarket.  Emily’s last name was Harrison. Since she was married to Holst, one can assume her last name would be Holst, but this is not definate.

7 facts about the great composer, Gustav Holst


1. A musical family

Born in Cheltenham in 1874, Gustav Holst had professional musicians stretching back three generations in his family. Gustav hoped to be a pianist but was prevented by neuritis. He said that his right arm felt “like a jelly overcharged with electricity”.

emily isobel harrison
emily isobel harrison

2. Early musical experience

At 12 years old, Gustav took up the trombone. Five years later, he was appointed organist at a Gloucestershire church. He also conducted a local church choir, providing him with invaluable experience.

3. A fan of Gilbert and Sullivan

In 1892 Holst wrote the music for an operetta in the style of Gilbert and Sullivan. The piece was performed at Cheltenham’s Corn Exchange and was well received. Its success encouraged him to persevere with composing, despite his father’s reservations.

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4. A composer in training

Holst studied composition at the Royal College of Music under Sir Charles Villiers Stanford, pictured. He wrote piano and organ pieces, songs and a symphony. His main influences were Mendelssohn, Chopin, Grieg and above all, Sir Arthur Sullivan. Later, like many musicians of his generation, Holst became an ardent Wagnerite.

5. A lifelong friendship

Shortly after celebrating his 21st birthday, Holst met Ralph Vaughan Williams, who became a lifelong friend and had a great influence on Holst’s music. The two budding composers became one another’s chief critics.

6. Isobel Holst

While conducting the Hammersmith Socialist Choir, Holst met Isobel Harrison, a beautiful soprano. He fell in love with her; she was at first not impressed by him, but she came round and they were married. This portrait of Isobel is in the Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum.

7. A jobbing trombonist

Unable to support himself by composition alone, Holst played the trombone professionally. In 1897, he even played under the baton of the composer Richard Strauss – pictured – at the Queen’s Hall.

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