el japo american me

el japo american me

el japo american me

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American Me is a 1992 American crime drama film produced and directed by Edward James Olmos, his first film as a director, and written by Floyd Mutrux and Desmond Nakano. Olmos also stars as the film’s protagonist, Montoya Santana, loosely based on mob boss Rodolfo Cadena. Executive producers included record producer Lou Adler, screenwriter Mutrux, and Irwin Young. It depicts a fictionalized account of the founding and rise to power of the Mexican Mafia in the California prison system from the 1950s into the 1980s.


El Japo is based on “Jap” Mike Kudo who is Japanese… and fyi, Japanese were field laborers in the early 20th century along with Mexicans… it wasn’t just Filipinos, it was most Asians on the west coast/Hawaii actually…

“El Japo” is short for El Japonese… Meaning Japanese in spanish.

el japo american me
el japo american me

Two possibilities:

1. The character could’ve been a Mexican that looked Asian, so they nicked named him “El Japo”

There are a lot of Hispanics that look Asian due to their Native indian ancestors. Peru, Mexico, Guatemala, and Equador have a lot of native blood ancestors.

2. He was an Asian who was able to get into the click!

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“This half saturated in darkness, that half consuming all that I stand for”

I think he was called :Japo” which could pass as an Asian name.

He was Japanese and the Mexicans called him “El Japo” or phonetically “El HA-po”.”Why don’t you have another beer?”-Scott Stevens

I’m assuming it’s a portrayal of how non-mexican members showed their respect to the boss(es). Perhaps the asian grew up with hispanics, and adopted their mannerisms and way of talking, or maybe he just wanted to be accepted by the gang, so he acted like them.

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