djuanna eldridge

djuanna eldridge

djuanna eldridge

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Djuanna Eldridge

Wilma Rudolph’s daughter
Gender Female
Parents Wilma Rudolph
Grandparents Ed Rudolph
Aunts Charlene Rudolph
Date of Reg.

Willa Rudolph had four kids Yolanda Eldridge, Xurry Eldridge, Robert Eldridge and Djuanna.

djuanna eldridge
djuanna eldridge

Where is djuanna Eldridge now?

I think she is still alive because Wilma Rudolph was born in 1940, and 20 years later shes 20. But before that she had a child in 1958. My Grandmother was born in 1956, so i think that she’s still alive because my grandmas in her early 60’s.


What are the names of Wilma Rudolph’s children?

Yolanda (b. 1958), Djuanna (b. 1964), Robert Jr. (b. 1965) and Xurry (b. 1971).Yolanda Eldridge (daughter), Dijuana Eldridge (daughter), Robert Eldridge, JR. (son), Xurry Eldridge (son)

Did Wilma Rudolph have children?

Athlete Wilma Rudolph had four children with her second husband Robert Eldridge. Their names were Yolanda, Djuanna, Robert Jr. and Xurry.

Does Wilma Rudolph have a husband?

No, she was divorced 1 time. She had married her highschool sweetheart, Robert Eldridge, and had four kids; Yolanda (born in 1958), Djuanna (1964), Robert Jr. (1965), and Xurry (1971).

djuanna eldridge
djuanna eldridge

Did Wilma Rudolph got married?

Did Wilma Rudolph have a husband and children?

Yes, she had four children named: Yolande (born 1958), Djuanna (born 1964), Robert Jr. (born 1965), and Xurry (born 1971). After Xurry was born she divorced her husband, Robert Eldridge.

What is the birth name of Anthony Eldridge?

Anthony Eldridge’s birth name is Bruce Anthony Eldridge.

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