difference between memo and letter

difference between memo and letter

difference between memo and letter

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forms of communication

There are many forms of communication. Communication can be verbal which is the most common and done with words, or non-verbal which is done through body language and visual images or through writing or written communication.
Ancient written communication was done through pictographs written in stone; then paper was discovered allowing written communication to become mobile. It allowed people to communicate with each other even if they are far away through writing letters.

A letter is a message that is sent by a person to another meant to convey information that he wants the person to receive. It can be short or long, and it has many types: thank you letters, personal letters, and business letters.


A business letter is exchanged between businesses and their clients. It contains more words and information and uses formal language. Each word in a business letter is carefully selected and planned for since it is intended for communicating with people who are vital to a business or company. It addresses a specific topic and is sent to specific individuals. also It can be as long as the sender wants it to be and is meant to be read only by the intended recipient. It is usually sent through a courier or delivered by a representative of the company.

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difference between memo and letter
difference between memo and letter

There is another way of communication in a business setting. It is usually intended for internal communication, that is, it is used to convey messages within the organization or business. It is called a memorandum or memo.
A memo is usually informal, short, concise, and to the point. It is used to call a meeting or to call an individual to action. It has a header which indicates where it comes from, who it is addressed to, the date, and the subject of the memo. and It can be addressed to a single person or to all of the people in the company. Like a letter, a memo can be written by hand, typewritten, or printed from a computer. Unlike a letter, it does not necessarily need a courier to send it since it is intended for a recipient within the organization although memos can also be sent to other branches of the organization.

1. A letter is a short or long message that is sent by one person to another while a memo is a short message that is sent by a person to another.
2.A letter is more formal and contains more information while a memo is informal and is very short.
3.A memo is more concise and to the point as compared to a letter.
4.A letter is exchanged between businesses and their clients while a memo is exchanged between individuals within an organization.
5.A memo usually has a header that states where it is from and who it is intended for while a letter may or may not have this feature.

difference between memo and letter
difference between memo and letter

Comparison Chart

Meaning Memo refers to a short message, written in an informal tone for interoffice circulation of the information. Letter are a type of verbal communication, that contains a compressed message, conveyed to the party external to the business.
Nature Informal and Concise Formal and informative
Exchanged between Departments, units or superior-subordinate within the organization. Two business houses or between the company and client.
Length Short Comparatively long
Signature Signature is not required in a memo. A letter is duly signed by the sender.
Communication One to many One to one
Content Use of technical jargon and personal pronoun is allowed. Simple words are used and written in third person.

Definition of Memo

The memo is short for the memorandum, which means a note or record for any use in future. It is a short message used as a means of informal communication within the organization, for transmitting information in writing. It may be titled as interoffice communication, office memorandum, or interoffice correspondence, rather than a memorandum.

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The primary objective of memos is to disseminate business policies, procedures or related official business. These are written in one to all perspective and can serve different purposes like conveying news, directions and information to multiple recipients, calling people to action or meeting.

difference between memo and letter
difference between memo and letter

One can use an informal tone and personal pronouns in the memo. There is no requirement to use a salutation and complimentary close.

Definition of Letter

A business letter can be defined as the form of written communication, that contains a long message, addressed to the party external to the organisation, i.e. supplier, customer, manufacturer or client. It starts with a salutation, written professionally in the third person and has a complementary close with a signature.

The relationship between the sender and receiver plays a significant role in determining, the overall style in which the letter is drafted. These are used for a number of reasons such as a request for information or feedback, order placement, making complaints or grievances, enquiring something or taking follow-up.


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