croatian facial features

croatian facial features

croatian facial features

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What does a typical Croatian look like?

Typical Croatian…About 61 and 1/2 inches tall, dark brown hair, brown/green eyes…in my experience. My moms side came over from Croatia. They are 100% Croatian. EVERY one (about 15-20) have more of an olive-type complexion that usually does not burn easily and a down-turned nose. Lots of the time the nose is a prominent feature. I also notice more of a heart shaped head. My experience from my family! Never met any other Croatians. Would love to know more about their physical! All of them are very beautiful people. They are often tanned, but they vary greatly in their appearance in different regions. I don’t agree about heart-shaped heads, they are mostly long-faced, or just normal-headed, with neither too long or too round head.


Nose in Croatians as a whole, is not especially prominent, it is average. Croatian people are descended from a mixture between indigenous people of the area before the arrival of Slavs during the 7th century (primarily Illyrians, romanized Illyrians and Celts, Liburni and others) as well as Slavic newcomers who gave the nation a name. Also, they came into contact with Italians, Germans, Hungarians, Czechs, Slovaks, Serbs and others, and some of them are, in fact descendants from these people, who eventually got assimilated. Many Croats look similar to other neighboring nations, esp. central or southern Europeans: Austrians, Czechs, Hungarians, Italians etc.

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croatian facial features
croatian facial features

typical Croatian

There are many intermediate types. Pitch black, platinum blond and ash blonde hair is almost non-existant. The most common is dark brown hair. Lighter shades of brown are also quite common. Blond hair percentage corresponds roughly to the American or European average, so its present, esp. in the north as well as some islands and runs in many families, but not very common. Red hair or hair with a reddish cast percentage is roughly the average in Europe, so pretty rare. Freckles also pop out now and then, but are not as common as in Northern Europe. Northern areas are, as a rule fairer than southern, though there are exceptions. Also Southerners are as a general rule, taller.

As a whole, Croats do tend to also have a peculiar facial structure and several recognizable types, but this is appearant only to other Croatian people who recognize each other. For others, they mostly look like a mixture between various European people. Croats look like an average Central European people with a touch of Mediterranean. Most frequent sub-racial types are Nordic, Alpine, Dinaric and Mediterranean.

Overall, nothing special, our looks correspond to our geographical location, although we look somewhat more northern-European than other southern European and Balkan countries. Southern Croatia is mostly of Mediterranean type, mixed with indigenous Paleolithic and newly brought Slavic types, mostly Nordic.

Croats also known as Croatians, are a nation and South Slavic ethnic group native to Croatia. Croats are white people from Southern Europe, specifically the north of Balkan and along the coast. They are mostly brown-eyed and have brown eyes.

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