creamy sticky discharge after ovulation

creamy sticky discharge after ovulation

creamy sticky discharge after ovulation

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Creamy white discharge after ovulation

You can predict when you’re likely to ovulate using an ovulation calculator, and then you can compare the signs in your body. During ovulation, it’s normal to experience clear, stretchy, mucus discharge that’s similar to egg whites. This discharge is meant to help sperm reach the viable egg in your uterine tube.

Once ovulation is over, vaginal discharge usually changes again. The phase immediately following ovulation is called the luteal phase of your cycle. During this phase, discharge becomes stickier and less penetrable.

White creamy discharge during pregnancy

Most people experience an increase in vaginal discharge during pregnancy. As long as this white creamy discharge has a mild smell or no smell and doesn’t cause itching, the increased volume is perfectly normal.

This creamy white discharge is known as leukorrhea. Rising hormone levels during early pregnancy increase your body’s production of fluid and discharge. This keeps your uterus safe from bacteria that could harm the growing fetus.

If you’re pregnant and notice discharge with an unpleasant odor or itchiness, make sure to see your health care provider. Vaginal infections during pregnancy can lead to complications like preterm birth and neonatal infections.


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creamy sticky discharge after ovulation
creamy sticky discharge after ovulation

Creamy white discharge with odor – Is there a reason to worry?

Thick white discharge will normally have a mild odor or no odor at all. If your vaginal discharge has a foul odor, it could be a sign of a vaginal infection.

Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is a condition characterized by a pH shift in the vaginal flora that makes it less acidic, causing vaginal discharge. The discharge produced by BV is often yellow or gray. This discharge often has a fishy smell that becomes more noticeable after sex.

Yeast infections are common, affecting three out of four women at some point in their life. Yeast infections are caused by a fungus called candida, which is a normal part vaginal flora. However, candida can cause unpleasant symptoms when it grows excessively.

You’re more likely to have a yeast infection if you take oral contraceptives or antibiotics, or have diabetes or an immune deficiency. Yeast infections cause white creamy discharge that is clotted and looks similar to cottage cheese. Symptoms of a yeast infection can also include:

  • Vaginal itching or burning
  • Genital redness or swelling
  • Painful urination
  • Painful intercourse

The thick creamy discharge that accompanies a yeast infection is usually odorless.

There are many reasons why your body produces creamy discharge. If you’re experiencing unusual vaginal discharge, using an app like Flo can help you keep track of your symptoms. Tracking your symptoms can help you understand when your discharge is normal — for example, when it happens around your period — or when it’s time to call your health care provider. As long as your white creamy discharge has a mild odor or no odor and isn’t accompanied by other symptoms, it’s probably just a normal part of your cycle.

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If you’ve noticed new symptoms or a sudden increase in the volume of your vaginal discharge, your health care provider can help determine the cause of these changes. If a hormonal imbalance or infection is causing your vaginal discharge, they’ll be able to prescribe the right treatment to make you feel better.

creamy sticky discharge after ovulation
creamy sticky discharge after ovulation

Creamy Cervical Mucus before Ovulation
During this period, your mucus will become sticky and milky or creamy (pale yellow). If you want to know whether you have a possibility of pregnancy or not, try touching it with your fingers. If the mucus are expanded separately, there could be a chance of pregnancy.

Creamy Cervical Mucus after Ovulation
Most women do not get mucus after ovulation until they begin to bleed again. But some have plenty of white or yellowish creamy cervical fluid discharges without a smell. This may indicate that you are going to have a baby. Go get some pregnancy test!

Creamy cervical mucus before period
This creamy cervical mucus before period can be called leukorrhea. The white, milky and sticky mucus is caused by changes in estrogen levels. Don’t worry, it is not dangerous! Plus, it also helps clean your vaginal spot. _
But if you feel that it is too much, it may be a sign that you are pregnant! Because 1 in 8 women who try to have children often have leukorrhea after ovulation

Creamy White Cervical Mucus during Pregnancy
This kind of discharge is thick and creamy or flattens and stretchy. It does not smell, itch, or hurt.
But this can be either a sign of pregnancy or infection! The only way to know the answer is to visit doctor.

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Dark Creamy Cervical Mucus
Some women will concern when they have the darker creamy mucus. Though it is not painful or smell, it is better to visit a gynaecologist. Because the doctor can give you some advices and some medicine to calm it down.

Cervical mucus cycle
After the menstruation – dry and sticky
Before the ovulation – creamy
Ovulation – like raw egg whites
After the ovulation – dry


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