can hamsters eat applesauce

can hamsters eat applesauce

can hamsters eat applesauce

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Many of us might enjoy eating applesauce, either as a dipping cream, dessert, or a side dish. Numerous hamster owners are curious about whether hamsters can eat applesauce or not.

Can Hamsters Eat Applesauce?

No, Hamsters cannot eat commercially produced applesauce. The store-bought applesauce contains high amounts of sugar and other preservatives. All these substances are harmful to the hamster’s health. However, you can give a tiny amount of homemade applesauce that does not contain sugar and has only water and apples.

There are numerous reasons why applesauce is not a good choice of food for your hamster. Keep reading to know more about applesauce and hamsters.

can hamsters eat applesauce
can hamsters eat applesauce

First of all, applesauce is a flavorful sauce (purée) that is made from apples. You can use either unpeeled or peeled apples and a mixture of different spices, for example, cinnamon and allspice. Plus, sugar, honey, and other sweeteners are used in applesauce.


Due to the high sugar content in commercial applesauce, avoid giving it to the hamster. In addition to that, hamsters do not have any nutritional requirements from applesauce. But, you can provide unsweetened and natural applesauce with no sugar to the hamster. Make sure to feed only a small quantity of applesauce occasionally to your pet.

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When you offer applesauce to the hamster for the first time, keep an eye on it until the next day. If your pet has become ill or suffering from loose stools, go to the veterinarian as soon as possible. Besides that, make sure not to feed applesauce to your pet again.

What is Applesauce?

Applesauce is a delicious sauce which is made of, you guessed it, apples! It is primarily made and eaten in America and Europe. It is made by cooking the apple with water or juice until it turns into a puree.

Applesauce is usually eaten with meats such as pork and goose. Some people in Germany even eat it with pancakes! It can be eaten as a starter, main dish, or dessert as well. It is very sweet, so you should avoid feeding it to your hamster!

can hamsters eat applesauce
can hamsters eat applesauce

Why Can’t Hamsters Eat Applesauce?

So, the general consensus is that you should not feed applesauce to your hamster. But it is also important that you know the reasons for not being able to feed them this. You shouldn’t just take our word for it! The good news is, we can provide you with four reasons why you shouldn’t be feeding this to your furry friend. These are: the stickiness, the sugar, the lack of nutrients, and the fact that hamsters should be eating solid food.

It’s got too much sugar!

Apples have just enough sugar for your hamster in small quantities. However, applesauce is quite different. Applesauce is often sweetened and created so that it is even sweeter than apples. This is great for humans, but not so great for hamsters! Sugary foods are fine in tiny quantities for hamsters but applesauce just contains too much for your hamster!

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