brown discharge during pregnancy 6 weeks

brown discharge during pregnancy 6 weeks

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What is brown discharge during pregnancy?

Vaginal discharge is brown because it’s tinged with old blood. (Blood turns brown as it dries.) This can happen when some blood in your uterus takes a while to come out.

What causes brown discharge during pregnancy?

Here are some reasons you may have brown spotting or brown stringy discharge while you’re pregnant:

brown discharge during pregnancy 6 weeks
brown discharge during pregnancy 6 weeks


You could have some brown, blood-tinged discharge after sex. Friction during sex can cause some trauma to your vaginal or cervical tissues, especially if you’re not well-lubricated, and that can cause some spotting. And the cervix can become bruised with deep penetration.


Pelvic exam

Your cervical tissues are particularly delicate during pregnancy, so you might notice some spotting or brown discharge after your practitioner has done a pelvic exam or checked your cervix.

Mucous plug

The mucus plug is a collection of gelatinous secretions from your cervix. These secretions fill the cervical canal in early pregnancy and create a protective barrier for most of pregnancy.  As you get closer to delivery and your cervix begins to thin out (efface) and open up (dilate), these mucus-like secretions may come out of your vagina and look like a glob of thickened mucus that’s clear, pinkish, brownish, or tinged with a bit of blood. This can be a sign of early labor.

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Bloody show

Bloody show is another sign that labor is on the way. When your cervix starts to soften or dilate, you may notice a pink discharge or bright-red blood. If this happens at the same time you lose your mucus plug, the mucus may be tinged with blood, but it can also happen independently.

brown discharge during pregnancy 6 weeks
brown discharge during pregnancy 6 weeks

Pregnancy loss

Brown discharge may also be a sign of pregnancy loss, or miscarriage, in some cases. This will not be the only symptom.

The brown discharge may progress to include more fresh blood, and it may turn to spotting or bleeding similar to that of menstruation.

Other symptoms to look out for include:

  • uterine contractions
  • a gush of watery clear-to-pink vaginal fluid
  • intense stomach cramps
  • tenderness
  • weight loss
  • passing thick clots or bloody discharge
  • sudden loss of pregnancy symptoms

Anyone experiencing these symptoms should contact their doctor.


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