british passport font

british passport font

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British Integration Passport

In response to Dezeen’s British passport design competition, I created a design with hand-drawn illustrations that put Britain in a positive light. Below are some of the pages from my design, which I hope to expand upon in the future.

My goal was to look at scenes in Britain and use them to re-establish our identity positively. As a result, the theme for my design is Integration, with integrate defined as “bringing people or groups into equal participation”. Brexit has been extremely divisive so I didn’t want a divisive design, but I still wanted a strong message.

I’m specifically avoiding using the word “tolerance”, as the aim is to represent equality, and have integration celebrated, not just tolerated.

I’ve used Chiswick Sans Text throughout, a vernacular typeface which was inspired by lettering found around Britain. Alongside a color palette that uses a combination of red, white and blue inks, my aim was to create a look that is distinctly British and also forward-thinking. The red cover is also a progression from previous color covers.


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british passport font
british passport font

What is the font used in UK passport

It’ll be something OCR based as it’ll be machine readable.

Do England have a passport?

The British passport is one that is recognized as used for the people of England.

How can you get a British passport if you are not British?

Marry a British passport holder.

What color is a British diplomatic passport?

The british diplomatic passport colour is red as ordinary passport, but diplomat mantioned in the passport

Cana a Canadian born wife married to a British born person get a British passport?

She can obtain a British passport by becoming a British citizen, or she can just hold on to her Candian passport.

Do British passport holders need a passport for Jersey?


british passport font
british passport font

How do you renew a British passport in Hong Kong?

Contact the British Embassy in Hong Kong for advice on renewing your British Passport.

How long do you need to stay in UK to have British passport?

You need to be a British national to be eligible for a British passport. If you are an alien and seeking refuge from the country you are a citizen of, you may be able to get a passport as a ‘British protected person’

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