anita baker ex husband

anita baker ex husband

anita baker ex husband

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Anita Baker started her career in the late 70s and is one of the most popular singers in the 80s having won a Grammy by the mid-80s.

The highly achieving ballad singer Anita reportedly won eight Grammy Awards and has five-Platinum albums & one Gold album before she announced her retirement.

Even today, Anita Baker’s influence is powerful. However, she had to go through a very rough divorce with her ex-husband,

Walter Bridgforth Jr. Regardless of the tumultuous and harsh separation settlement, Anita is a proud mother of two kids.

For now, we shall tail Anita Baker’s ex-husband Walter Bridgforth Jr. Stick until the end to find out if Walter almost sent her to prison.

Married To The Soulful Singer, Anita In 1998

Anita Baker’s ex-husband is currently single and thriving. However, he was married to Baker for two decades, from 1988 to 2008.

Anita has always been a private person and kept her personal life confidential. Therefore, there isn’t much about the former couple’s relationship.


Anita and Walter officially exchanged their vows on December 24, 1988, in an intimate ceremony. Let’s not expect the details of the pair’s wedding, but they did share pure love for one another. Anita inspired her husband to initiate a non-profit organization named Bridgforth Foundation.

The Bridgforth Foundation helped students pay for the first two years of college or vocational school for 25 kids from Barry Elementary School in Detroit. The foundation stopped its operations in 2014.

anita baker ex husband
anita baker ex husband

Besides, in a love song Anita co-wrote with Randy Holland and Skip Scarborough, she vowed, “I bet everything on my wedding ring/ I’m giving you the best that I got.”

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Unfortunately, Anita’s blooming career clashed with all the mishaps in her life, and the pair parted ways in 2005 after two sons. The separation might not be the worse part for the former couple, as Anita was nearly jailed during their divorce process.

Difficult Divorce

Anita Baker’s divorce from her former spouse, Walter Bridgforth, might go down in history as one of the most dramatic divorces of all time.

After seventeen years of marriage, Anita and Walter separated in 2005 and reportedly divorced in 2008. Anita’s initial divorce

settlement called for a 50-50 division of royalties from two albums, ‘Giving You the Best I Got‘ and ‘Rhythm of Love.’

After a couple of years of divorce, Anita Baker faced a potential stint in jail after she objected to the $12k he’d received as 50% of

the royalty payments in 2009. Baker’s ex-husband believed the royalty figures were much more prominent. As a result, the judge ruled

the court-appointed experts to help Baker re-write letters with mutually-understandable language.

Baker previously signed a similar letter of authorization after the divorce, which demands ‘mechanical’ royalties or the inclusion of

songs created during their decade-long marriage.

Despite the tiring divorce settlement, Anita and Walter’s love for their children is beyond explanation.

anita baker ex husband
anita baker ex husband

Not ‘Giving Him the Best That She’s Got’: Anita Baker in Court for Reneging on Divorce Settlement

Grammy Award-winning singer Anita Baker is fighting tooth and nail to avoid having to share the rights to royalty payments

from her most popular songs with her now ex-husband, Walter Bridgfoth Jr. The two came to terms in their divorce settlement,

but Baker is now refusing to sign the documents because she, “didn’t understand the documents and thought it wasn’t in her

best interest to sign them,” Bridforth’s lawyer, Hanley Gurwin, says.


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The songstress is expected back in court today following the drama-filled hearing on Thursday over the dispute.

“It’s typical of Anita,” Gurwin told the press this morning. “She is a very fine talent and she is a magnificent singer. But she is very emotional

at times and likes to control her own destiny and doesn’t always want to follow the advice of her counsel.”

Chief Judge Pro Tem Lita M. Popke of Wayne County Circuit Court has ordered both sides back to the Coleman A. Young Building at 11 a.m. today.

The judge threatened to send Baker to jail if the singer continued to refuse to sign authorizations for record companies to release royalty

payment information. Popke appointed Howard Hertz, a Detroit-area music industry expert, to analyze the documents and divide payments

made to Baker during her marriage to Bridgforth, whom she divorced in 2007. Baker and Bridgforth have two teenage sons together.

It would be a shame to see our beloved Baker end up behind bars over this. Just sign the papers, Anita … just sign them. -Gerald Radford

Two Children Welcoming Each Other

Walter and Anita Baker had two boys over their eighteen years of marriage, as previously stated. Walter Baker Bridgforth, their oldest son, was born in January 1993. Edward Carlton Bridgforth, their second child, was born a year later in May 1994.

Despite their hard divorce, Anita and Walter are both active participants in their children’s lives. Walter and Edward Baker, Anita Baker’s children, bear a strong likeness to her.

anita baker
anita baker

Walter II, Anita Baker’s son, is a skilled DJ and sound engineer, while their youngest son prefers to keep to himself. He (Walter Jr.) has a strong bond with both of his children and occasionally posts images of them together.

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Anita Baker submitted legal documents to remove her former partner’s name from her name, despite the fact that they had been divorced for several years.

Furthermore, Anita Baker, Walter’s ex-wife, made news after requesting that her followers cease streaming her songs and stop purchasing her CD. Spotify Streaming does not pay artists/creators what they are worth, according to the R&B legend. Anita broke down streaming service fees in a series of tweets in which she informed her supporters that she will fight for her masters.

Walter Bridgforth Jr., Anita Baker’s ex-husband, on the other hand, is living a happy life surrounded by his loved ones.

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Sons Got Musical Skills – They Get It From Their Momma!

As we previously mentioned, Anita’s musical genes did not skip over her kids- they are both BEASTS as musicians! They also play in their mother’s band, so you KNOW they’ve got to be fire, given their mother’s perfectionist approach for her art. Edward plays the guitar; Walter III plays drums and keyboard. Although Edward pretty much shies away from posting about his musicianship skills on social media, his big bro,’ Walter, does not…In addition to playing in his mother’s band, Walter’s also a professional DJ and sound engineer, who works with many of today’s top rap and R&B artists…By the way, as we previously reported, Anita Baker is retired from the music biz recently (I know…we’re depressed about that too), so now that she’s gracefully bowed outta the game, we’ll settle for reminiscing to her R&B classics on repeat.

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