alfonso alcohol percentage

alfonso alcohol percentage

alfonso alcohol percentage

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Alfonso Light

Definition: brandy-type spirit prepared with medium and high-strength wine spirits, 77% and 94% Alc./Vol. aged in oak casks.

Alcohol content: 25% Alc./vol.

Type of Product: spirit.

Sugar content: 13 g./l.

The quality of the Alfonso range of brandies is the result of its raw material, spirits produced from the distillation of good,

balanced wines, and its aging process, the same as that used for Sherry. A complex “dynamic” system, designated “criaderas” and “soleras”, which is exclusive to the area.

It is essentially a storage system of casks divided into tiers, each of which is formed by an approximately equal number of casks

(known as “botas” in Jerez). The first of these tiers, situated at the bottom, is the solera, which contains the most mature Alfonso brandy,

followed in order of age by the first criadera and then the second criadera, etc. The brandy for bottling is extracted from the solera –

the same quantity from each cask and no more than a third of the total contents.

This extraction operation is called the “saca”. The brandy taken from the solera is replaced by the same quantity from the first criadera

and this from the second criadera, and so on. This is known as “rocío”. Thanks to this system the consumer always enjoys a brandy with

the same flavour, aroma and colour, and of identical quality. The result is the homogenisation that is achieved with this system as opposed

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to the “static” system of vintages with which wines of the same variety vary in quality according to the harvest.

alfonso alcohol percentage
alfonso alcohol percentage

Alfonso Philippines: A Brand that Supplies Imported Wine to the Wine-Lovers

The Alfonso Philippines was founded in the year 1877 by a vintner/winemaker called Alexander Williams.

The company’s philosophy has always led it to diversify and find a premium product portfolio. . The brand will keep you coming back and aims solely at the improvement of taste and quality.

Anyone who has ever tasted the wine will instantly fall in love with its great texture and simplicity.


the Dos Maderas

The brand focuses on satisfying people’s love for wine, its taste, and its anti-aging properties.

Many of the wine lovers have agreed that there is something special about this brand and it has managed to capture the attention of people in its every detail and sip.

A very few brands in this industry understand the essence of winemaking and the bond that the wine-lovers share with this drink.

Explore More Drinks from Alfonso Philippines

Alfonso Philippines is a company that lives by the philosophy of the renowned winery industry. It has always been supported by the two fundamental pillars.

tradition and innovation. The strategic axis of the brand results in the creation of value-added drinks.

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alfonso alcohol percentage
alfonso alcohol percentage

Product details of Alfonso I Solera Platinum Brandy 6 Pack (1L per Bottle)

  • Selected grape spirits distilled from excellent white wines that would be suitable for direct consumption
  • Alfonso Platinum is a full golden colour, clear and bright, with hints of fruits, ginger and honey and with a soft and good length grape wine spirit finish
  • Alcohol content: 28% Alc./vol.
  • Product of Europe

Part of this blend contains liquid coming from the Soleras of Alfonso XO Brandy from Williams & Humbert.

This special spirit drink expression is very much influenced by its Ageing in American oak seasoned with Sherry wines kept at our Spanish Bodegas in Jerez de la Frontera.
Alcohol content: 28% Alc./vol.
Selected grape spirits distilled from excellent white wines that would be suitable for direct consumption.

Alfonso Platinum is a full golden color, clear and bright, with hints of fruits, ginger and honey and with a soft and good length grape wine spirit finish.

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