a group of prisoners is called

a group of prisoners is called

a group of prisoners is called

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What is a group of prisoners called?

The collective noun “pity” was first used on 15th century lists of proper terms, and it then referred to a group of prisoners. It showed up in print in books purporting to provide the a collective noun for people locked up in jail or a prison camp. Basically, books were the place where the word showed up. It appeared in the Book of St. Albans attributed to Dame Juliana Barnes (1486). It was also used as a humorous term and probably had no real significance. Some antiquarian writers used it in their works to allude to a class of playable characters mostly found in dark dungeons.

Often key characters in some of the written material would look down with pity and compassion upon the sufferings of the men in jail, prison, or a harsh dungeon.

a group of prisoners is called
a group of prisoners is called


Many of the following terms belong to 15th-century lists of ‘proper terms’, such as those in the Book of St Albans attributed to Dame Juliana Barnes (1486). Some are fanciful or humorous terms which probably never had any real currency, but have been taken up by antiquarian writers, notably Joseph Strutt in Sports and Pastimes of England (1801).

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